An artist

Sep 29, 2009

Take my memories here and put 'em down. Better here than "lost and found".

(I don't know if I have many memories. More a "smile" than any compulsive thought.)

Just back from Walmart's. Picked up a netbook type computer. Learning curve ahead. I have two weeks to try it out. If it doesn't fit my needs I can return and get my money back. Man, frustrated these days. 71 birthday in August. My health is good, but even so, time is short. 2 must-dos. Organize art work of a lifetime- No. 1. How to preserve it for others. - No. 2.

I say "lifetime". It is true. Record this life. My life. My art. Creating imagery and forms to capture a thought or idea of the moment. A couple laughing over coffee. A back-street wino digging for empty cans. A student impatiently waiting for the next campus bus. An elderly lady with shopping cart pausing to run her eyes over the paperbacks. While a janitor with mop bucket waits for her to clear the aisle and move on.

Life. Nothing climatic. No lost soul found. No romantic dream realized. Just life. Kick-skipping a soda pop lid, watching the sun set behind a distant cloud. Walking home. Another day realized. Experienced. Lived. Home. And put it down.