Oct 29, 2005

More stumbling thru the tomato patch. Tripping over pumpkins. Wondering why if Xmas is THE day how come the Wicked Witch of Sins Past and Sins Imagined is able to step center stage when it's only the beginning of November.

I'm sure the Queen of Unease is comfortable that we are unsettled. If it were not for the pumpkin's smile I'd probably vote the 4th of July the most enjoyable time spent on the porch, being benign, being grumpy, being neighborly.

Oct 27, 2005

God. I hate trying to re-learn every little tibbet whenever I become re-involved with the Net. "Hal, where are you"" I mean, shee...Hal was supposed to be on the scene by "2001" - at least according to Stanley Kubrick's version in 1968. 2001? "Hey, Stanley! We're talking about 2005!"

Anyway. Onward and up and out and inside down...here's more "pages" from my Notches. Mainly, as usual, talking about art. (That's what artists do. Talk about art. Some even produce.)