Jul 21, 2009

Jul 10, 2009

Jul 1, 2009

When he's feeling low, Bird knows where to go. Got the blues? Do the blues. Right on, Bird!

Ah, my...Bird is up to his usual forays into pushing the buttons of political correctness. Checking out the scenes on the wild side. I accompany him gratefully. As I say he's my male muse, taking me into areas my conventional muse sometimes won't go.

"Fool me twice...?" Ms. Eve has been down this road before. Thanks to the 60's and 70's Women Rights" move- ment, she now calls the shots. Right on, Ms. Eve! Way to go.

I like the starkness of woodcut prints. I like comic panels. Here the computer does both.

Where will this go? I don't know. If the Muse knows, she isn't telling. Just go with the flow.