Nov 7, 2009

I quickly titled this one "Giddy" because I am feeling a little giddy. Haven't posted in a while. Been overwhelmed going through years of work, journals, quick sketches, rambling thoughts, stretching back over a decade, trying to organize a life spend in the arts. My own stumbling quest to record an erratic life. It can become a job. It is now.

Targets? I am not very good at aiming in on a specific theme or style or even a goal when I start drawing/writing. Just start doing it. Seeing where it will go. Sometimes I like 'em. Sometimes I have doubts. May set it aside and come back later. Give it a new twist. See what may happen this time. Recording a life. My life. One day, one piece at a time.

"Is this Sarah Palin?" the artist asks. "Can't be. I did this back in the '80s. One of my journal entries. Just now scanned and pasted it on my journal template. Hmm...anyway, I like it." "Me too," the Muse said.

Oct 19, 2009

An artist

Sep 29, 2009

Take my memories here and put 'em down. Better here than "lost and found".

(I don't know if I have many memories. More a "smile" than any compulsive thought.)

Just back from Walmart's. Picked up a netbook type computer. Learning curve ahead. I have two weeks to try it out. If it doesn't fit my needs I can return and get my money back. Man, frustrated these days. 71 birthday in August. My health is good, but even so, time is short. 2 must-dos. Organize art work of a lifetime- No. 1. How to preserve it for others. - No. 2.

I say "lifetime". It is true. Record this life. My life. My art. Creating imagery and forms to capture a thought or idea of the moment. A couple laughing over coffee. A back-street wino digging for empty cans. A student impatiently waiting for the next campus bus. An elderly lady with shopping cart pausing to run her eyes over the paperbacks. While a janitor with mop bucket waits for her to clear the aisle and move on.

Life. Nothing climatic. No lost soul found. No romantic dream realized. Just life. Kick-skipping a soda pop lid, watching the sun set behind a distant cloud. Walking home. Another day realized. Experienced. Lived. Home. And put it down.

Ladies I Love

Sep 28, 2009

I like experimenting with the different painting techniques the computer art programs provide. Another "must do" on the infinite list of goals to achieve in the coming days/months/years. Patience, Muse, patience. Being a "great" artist DOES take time.

Great Places In America

Doing my take on different states. Kentucky is among the current top five or six so far. 40 something states to go.

Eve's Eden

A tag line to "Eve's Eden" - a series of drawings reflecting the artist's take on the biblical Eden story. Related with somewhat sarcastic humor - as reflected here.

...the artist as a young man

Sep 24, 2009

What now...? What next...? The "self-portrait" here (as I imagined myself; not looked at myself) created on my old Amiga computer when I was in my late 40's, could - except for the age - be me today. Wondering what to do? How to do? Where to do? Questions. Questions. My only certainty is Need. The need to do what I do. Record a life. This life. This time. This mood. I am an artist.

Verities of Love

Verities of Love

Verities of Love

Verities of Love


Sep 23, 2009

Ramblings. From ... god ... 1982. 27 years ago. I would have been 42 when I wrote this in my journal volume of the time. Speaking of loneliness. Yet boosting my ego. A not uncommon theme. By no means. Even to this day. I disguise the loneliness. I talk easier with strangers (fellow waiters at a bus stop, coffee/beer sippers at the table nearby, etc.) but I continue to presenting a somewhat shell of self, not the "me" inside. I don't know how open I will be here. Rambling. My art. But I do it. Need to do it. See what it becomes and where it goes.

Sep 4, 2009

Aug 14, 2009

Jul 21, 2009

Jul 10, 2009

Jul 1, 2009

When he's feeling low, Bird knows where to go. Got the blues? Do the blues. Right on, Bird!

Ah, my...Bird is up to his usual forays into pushing the buttons of political correctness. Checking out the scenes on the wild side. I accompany him gratefully. As I say he's my male muse, taking me into areas my conventional muse sometimes won't go.

"Fool me twice...?" Ms. Eve has been down this road before. Thanks to the 60's and 70's Women Rights" move- ment, she now calls the shots. Right on, Ms. Eve! Way to go.

I like the starkness of woodcut prints. I like comic panels. Here the computer does both.

Where will this go? I don't know. If the Muse knows, she isn't telling. Just go with the flow.

Jun 18, 2009

The Muse does keep me in check. I think it is part of her own Ozark Hill Country culture. She has incorporated the common "Don't get too big for your britches" taboo against one thinking too highly of him or herself. with it, babe, I say back to her. And fairly often. She does accept it takes quite an ego to keep the artist going.