Dec 18, 2004

Saturday. One week. The November and December holidays are not choice times. It forces me each season to acknowledge I prefer being alone rather than taking part in the socializing many expect as the norm. I feel unconfortably negligent. So I'm always grateful for the horns and bells going off for New Year's. Once more I have survived.

Dec 13, 2004

Stimulated by the snake on Vitrolica's website in the Blogs Illustrated ring, I had to post 2 takes of my own of that...well, "snake in the grass" is an appropriate term. The first post below, Eve, is from a panel series I'd done on Eden; the one beneath is not part of the series, it's later, an impulse one that, as the camping couple rested, just showed up.

I also liked the mouse Vitrolica had eyeing the scene, and I thought, yeah, I've got a mouse to show. Actually more than one, but the one about popped in mind.

Dec 11, 2004

Today's Saturday...yeah...but the date is ... ahh. Two things I miss being a retiree are quitting times and Thank-God-it's-Friday days. Time doesn't blur too much when one is working 9 to 5. (Oh...of course I miss paydays too.)

Working on my website/page. Can anyone imagine maintaining a personal relationship that creates the angst and passion/fustration a computer relation generates? Power of the computer. Power of one and zero. Something and zilch. Yang and yin. (Does Yin ever get jealous that when it comes to Yang, Yin always gets second place. It'd tick me off.)

I'm getting off subject. Which is noting my image posts are slowing down. I'm eager to get back to the drawing/writing part. A break from the tech stuff.'s coming.

Dec 4, 2004

All my Notches posted here so far were created on the computer. The ones I am posting above, however, are scanned in pages from my paper journals. (Exception are the "open journal book" templates on which the scanned images are placed. The templates are the same as used below.) Interesting. I haven't looked at my scanned images much and this is the first time to play around with them. As the dates show the scans are from the early '80's. I did many, many sketch/journal pages during those days. I carried a journal with me all the time. I did a lot of sketching on the spot - a cafe, a bar, the sidewalk. Then there were the ones I did at 4 a.m. maybe, recording a thought, an impulse, a book passage read, or pulling one from my imagination and God knows where. I have many such journals. Most are now in the special collections section of the University library here. I don't know how many I might eventually scan.

Dec 3, 2004

Evolution is not the only thing that can stall one out. Adding/improving a blog site has its own woes. I've looked at 3 or 4 other sites, signed into and experimented with a couple, but I can't get beyond what I'm doing here. I want multiple folders and links, I want to present slideshows, I want to add rings, I want...well.... there's a point I stall out. I'm now looking into a sitebuilder provided by Yahoo/Geocities. Maybe....("But likely not," the artist mumbles. The muse sits, arms folded. She only scowls.)