Nov 12, 2004

The pic below is the title page of my electronic Notches. It was created with Deluxe Paint, a fairly simple (by today's standards) paint program. Now I use Paint Shop Pro (5) for most of my work. I use the mouse to draw.

And what do I draw? What do I write? I have yet to find out what all I draw. What all I write.

So...I write as I write below - then, in Notches - it might be placed in a comic balloon and be words spoken by a homesick crocodile. Or used as a "cheer" by a Southwest Texas high school cheerleading team. And, in truth, have nothing to do with either at all.


Why do you take it
into the night,
this shattered axis
of your unredemptive heart?

I wonder.
And, not knowing,
I tip-toe forward,
casting sullen glances
at my past.