May 12, 2005

God, a whole month without anything. It's tough enough being a "pro" at crastination, but putting it on display for others does spike it up a notch. Ah, wail....

Anyway, here's a copy of my letter just posted to Congress via MoveOn.Org. About ethics. About rules. Tongue well in cheek.

I think advice and consent from Congress should come from the party in power, i.e., the GOP. Losers are losers and in Congress they should be treated as such. If additional advice/consent is needed outside the Republican ranks, it should come from True Christian Believers, not those Donkeys on the other side of the aisle.

As far as ethics in the House goes (which is not that far), Republicans are NOT to be held to the same standards as Democrats. If there are NO perks to power, then why seek it?

Republicans seem to understand this. So should the public at large.

Ralph Ivy