Nov 21, 2004

Connected. Good, good feeling. I've came a good ways since a week ago today. That Sunday I was fustrated, my muse was fussy, for every keystroke forward I've have to delete two back. A techno I'm not. But thanks, thanks, to people here (the net), whenever I'd feel completely in a corner, a hope of light in the form of a suggestion or explanation would arrive...and I could continue on.

Particulary my appreciation for Blogs Illustrated for welcoming me aboard, and to and for Vit 'n' Madge for helping me navigate those final shaky steps. Oh, man....

Blogs Illustrated. I use the word "connection" often re: my art. That feeling one artist has when he/she encounters another artist who shares a similar direction to explore, wonder, and create. Blogs Illustrated jumped out. My first site searches for art journals, "outside" artists, and then to blogs and oneward was a fun one, a revalatory one (so much interesting explorations going one) and many I will explore more and again - but Blogs Illustrated...I thought "...yeah."