Nov 15, 2004

As I just noted to a fellow artist/friend, I'veeen exploring other art journal blog sites these past couple of days. Whew...enuff to get both envy and adrendline rushing. Envy because I see so many ways of presenting a web/log page and fustration because my techno skills hover around the "pre-novice" level. Adrendline because all motivates, edges me on to learn more, do more.

The ego crys out: "Ralph! How are you gonna compete with 10 thousand others? All waving banners and you, you, are wanting your's to be held the highest and the first one read!"

Oh, well...(Ah, wail...) if artists didn't stumble over their own egos, there'd be no cutting off of ears and moaning in cornfields. "Live with it," the Muse says.