Nov 7, 2009

I quickly titled this one "Giddy" because I am feeling a little giddy. Haven't posted in a while. Been overwhelmed going through years of work, journals, quick sketches, rambling thoughts, stretching back over a decade, trying to organize a life spend in the arts. My own stumbling quest to record an erratic life. It can become a job. It is now.

Targets? I am not very good at aiming in on a specific theme or style or even a goal when I start drawing/writing. Just start doing it. Seeing where it will go. Sometimes I like 'em. Sometimes I have doubts. May set it aside and come back later. Give it a new twist. See what may happen this time. Recording a life. My life. One day, one piece at a time.

"Is this Sarah Palin?" the artist asks. "Can't be. I did this back in the '80s. One of my journal entries. Just now scanned and pasted it on my journal template. Hmm...anyway, I like it." "Me too," the Muse said.